Life in the Void made easy


One of the Void dwellers took the effort of making the life of other Young Ones easier. Predators are less powerful, the Brother's are weakened, the Sisters are more willing to open to you and the gardens will be ready to be re-planted almost instantly.

Download the Void easy and medium patch and see total list of changes here:[br]
Made by Throdax.

When there isn't enough Color...

30/10/2009 can always replenish your palette with the Official The Void Bonus Torrent!

Inside you will find almost everything of interest that was created during development:

• The complete original soundtrack in four virtual disks contains all the tracks that made it into the game, all unreleased tracks that didn't make it into the game for some reason, poems and mantras and re-mastered tracks for the English edition of the game.

• 6 trailers including the earliest gameplay trailer, 2 videos from KRI (Russian GDC) and a Game Music Video from Pathologic by Halfgild Wynac.

• Almost all the artwork and concepts from the game, even in print quality! The Void poster anyone? ;o)

• Know Russian? Then you'll find the three lectures on game design by Nikolay Dybowskiy read at KRI most interesting! As well as a video interview for the LKI magazine.

Download the torrent!

As a reminder, the game is available for sale at [url][/url] since the 23-rd of October!

The Void in English is out now!


I'll be short — today on the 23-rd of October the English version of The Void is finally released!
You can purchase it at the Mamba Games website ( [url][/url] ), ( [url][/url] ) and soon - Amazon.

In the first English language review of The Void, Resolution claimed it to be rarely fun, but offering "a viciously beautiful, enormously interesting experience."


Just Adventure said "innovation and delivering it in the highest professional manner."


Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote an overwhelmingly positive review, saying "The Void is the most important game you are GOING TO FUCKING PLAY."


Inc Gamers finished their review saying: Overall, The Void is a terrific achievement. It will not be to everybody's tastes by any means. The atmosphere - though perfectly captured - is tense, bleak and at times oppressive.


Expect an update soon with a detailed explanation of the game's titles and editions!

"The Void": already available in Germany and Russia



"The Void" is now finally released and may be purchased in Russia and Germany since 05/28/2009. It is a renewed, deeply revised under the direction of Atari's producers version of our game "Turgor", which was released in Russia over a year ago.

That's how souls are lost — people just fall asleep...

How are you supposed to retrieve your soul lost in the depth of the Void? What are you setting loose carelessly removing the bonds from the charming sisters' bodies? And, finally, who is that mysterious ally, the one whispering from the darkness?

Stay tuned, as we hope the date of our English language release is not that far off!

The page of our game at the German Atari's site: //


The music of tension - part 2


Good news. Our contact in the world of Void has been able to get two more samples of music, freshly recorded and ready for listening in the Files section.

Site Temporarily Offline


Due to the crappy hoster we've been using before we moved, the domain is temporarily offline (not for long, I hope.) The site is still available here: [url][/url]

The music of Tension


The first tracks have appeared in the Files section. The rest is sure to follow... Expect an update soon, and enjoy.

The Glyphs


Every action in the game is done via drawing. And all you need is to master the skill of drawing in Malevich's Black Square. Try for yourself below, and get to see some of the Sisters long before the release. The algorythm is simple:

• The glyphs surrounding the Black Square are used to perform actions in Tension.

• Pick up the brush and draw any glyph on the Black Square

• Each correctly drawn glyph will unlock a bonus screenshot

Be patient, it may take a while to load.

This week the Square features screenshots of Ole.



The Corpus has no color. Yet still, you should visit it occasionally, because even if this knowledge won't be able to help you excap the Void - it will help you understand it.

Site update.


If one day splashes of Lympha appeared on your screen instead of the strict black background and the laconic menu has turned into colorful glyphs, this means, that you're looking at the new Tension web-site.