2. The Consumption of Lympha of Colour.



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Such a view on Lympha of Colour is naturally followed by the assumption, that a man must consume it. By consuming Lympha – relentlessly extracting it from living beings and inanimate matters – he doesn’t take it from them, he merely returns that, which is his own by right.

Thus let us read a quick hymn to Greed. This is one of the few cases, when Greediness turns from vice into a positive quality. When it comes to Lympha of Colour – greediness is beautiful, restraint is disgusting. Is it comes to Lympha if Colour, only Indifference is unacceptable.

But other voices sound as well. They say, that if all was so – Life on Earth should be increasing, but all we can see now is the increase of existence. They say, that the secrets of Lympha, its nature, philosophy and dialectics are yet unclear and undeveloped. That this unusual resource is too rare, and is disappearing so fast these days, that this must mean only one thing – by consuming Lympha of Colour, man takes it away from others.

Indeed, while filling you, it just as well leaves that, which you have extracted it from. A sound, a person, a memory – so vivid and rich just a second ago – turn into boring, flaccid, lifeless shells. And when you take a horrified look at what just seemed the most desired thing, you understand that there’s crime, murder in consumption.

And pity you, if, despite being passionate and attentive, your spirit is weak, and you mind undeveloped – so that you spend in vain the treasures taken away!

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1. The Existence of Lympha of Colour.


::: physiology:::

Its definition is simple. Lympha of Colour – is that, without which true life is impossible. That, which makes existence – a Living, surviving – a Life.

Lympha without Colour is nothing. The relation of Lympha to Colour is like the relation of Body to Spirit.

There is no Lympha of Colour without man. Is may seem, that it is imperceptibly present, hiding somewhere, in everything that surrounds us – the soil, the lines, the flora and in actions – but Lympha does not exist on its own. It’s an irreplaceable part of man, and only man, one of the most essential vital fluids.

On an empty Earth, no matter how much of value is left, there will be neither Lympha, nor Colour. Only the man’s eye defines the value to something. Without man there will be no beauty, no miracles, no happiness.

And if a man senses the presence of Lympha in another object, that only means that, having come into the field of view, or field of memory of a man, the object helped give birth to a new drop [of Lympha]. It shines and glitters outside of the man, but only because man is yet to master the drop. And when you suddenly see a quicksilver flow run through some random by passer – it’s not his, it’s yours!

Mastering of Lympha – is a special kind of work. In order to absorb it and give it growth in yourself, you need to perform a conation. That explains why only with your own grown Lympha you will be able to draw your life. Only with the one, that already made its way inside you and make root in you. Only the one, that you already can not extract without pain – as if it were a lash of still pulsating nerves.